Year Head

Role of the Year Head

A Year Head system is in operation within the school. The role of the Year Head involves monitoring student conduct and progress. Year Heads are available to meet parents/guardians should they wish to discuss any school-related problems.

Students will be introduced to the Year Head in September and the name of the Year Head will appear on reports.

Year Heads 2020/2021

  • 1st – Ms. F. Kelly, 1A – 1H
  • 2nd – Mr. E. Giblin, 2A – 2E
  • 2nd – Mr. G. Shannon, 2F – 2H
  • 3rd – Ms. G. Noonan, 3A – 3E
  • 3rd – Ms. O. Durcan, 3F – 3H
  • 4th Transition Year – Mr. John O’Connor, 4A – 4D
  • 5th – Ms. S. Knowles, 5A – 5D
  • 5th – Mr. James O’Connor, 5E
  • 5th – Mr. P Geraghty, 5F – 5H
  • 6th – Mr. James O’Connor, 6A – 6E
  • 6th – Mr. T O’Shea, 6F – 6J