Learning Support

Our Commitment

St. Flannan’s College is committed to providing an education for its students in a caring and supportive environment. The SEN Department is fully committed to this mission. Our Sped policies and strategies are at the core of the quality education offered in St. Flannan’s College, as it is here that the skills essential to fulfilling potential in education and life are identified, and appropriate interventions are devised, implemented and evaluated through our teaching and our students’ learning.

Our mission is twofold

To support the teaching and learning of all students, and especially those students who are identified as having unique learning needs. Of equal importance is our belief that the Sped department proactively promotes inclusion, and fosters care, dignity and mutual respect in the school community, so that St. Flannan’s is a school where all are included in the excitement of learning and the project of becoming good citizens of our country. We strive to equip our students with the basic literacy/language/social skills which will assist them in life beyond school and instil confidence in their own abilities to cope. We believe that our students will excel to their best abilities and competencies.

Students are provided with support, based on their individual needs and staffing resources.

This support can be:

  • One to One Basis
  • Small Groups
  • Team Teaching Provision for support may be organised if a student needs it for a limited time depending on resources


SET Coordinators 2021/2022

1st Year. Anne-Marie McGann

2nd Year. Claire Ryan

3rd Year. Eamonn Giblin

4th Year. Deirdre Savage

5th Year. Deirdre Savage

6th Year. Paul Geraghty